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If you have ever been interested in food delivery market niche, you may have come across some interesting statistical data. The data provides us with a clear understanding that this market sector is booming. Food industry continues to keep its progressive growth (please find a detailed statistics in our previous articles).

Accompanied by an increasing usage of personal electronic devices, restaurant delivery software lets your business capture online market.

The thing is that before smartphones skyrocketed in popularity, people would rather call to make an order. But currently, thanks to the mobile technology advancements, people tend to use convenient on-demand delivery apps, which make it possible for any customer to quickly place an order online and enjoy their favourite dishes delivered to whenever they prefer.  What is not less interested is how the market is constantly evolving. Feel free to read about the latest market trends that influence the future of the food and delivery industry in Code Inspiration’s article.

Once the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life, it has become more than necessary to mark your online presence.

It’s an obvious thing, still, it should be marked that restaurant delivery software helps you in numerous ways:

  • Contribute to your brand awareness, both locally and nationwide;
  • Audience reach 24×7 and no limitations in availability;
  • Improved interaction with customers;
  • A good marketing channel between you and your customer for special offers and promotions;
  • Enhanced ordering process, which save the staff’s working time;
  • Convenient payment organization through the integrated payment systems;
  • Increased customer service by means of customer loyalty cultivation.

A secrete app recipe

Having launched several food delivery projects, and having studied quite enough cases, we have arrived at the conclusion that it is better to develop several apps versions for this industry. Surely, each project is unique and there may be some peculiarities, still, it’s always a point to be discussed thoroughly, as the app logic should be defined clearly before the development starts.

It may sound insistent, but it would be a good idea to invest into three versions of the app: a customer, driver, and restaurant ones. It is out of the question you will need an app with the help of which orders will be made by the customers. But at the same time, the restaurant staff will require admin panel (a web app) where the orders will be managed.

Besides, a separate app for couriers is also needed, except for your food app project bears a different idea. From our customers, we have learnt that a separate delivery app for drivers is of great demand nowadays. Why? A separate delivery app gives tangible advantages to make food delivery fast and convenient. The app involves such functionality as route optimization for drivers, which means that a driver has the full picture on the traffic conditions. What’s more, the app picks the nearest free agent and assigns shortest & fastest routes for them. Here, the secret formula is simple: no time losses + on-time delivery = happy customers.

It might have seemed ridiculous for you, but it’s just at first glance. If we study it from the point of view of the business process organization I the given industry, we’ll see that we have several groups of stakeholders whose needs should be covered to make it all work well and your business gets the expect income.

In case this all doesn’t work on practice, no business success is delivery app development


The good news is that there exist teams capable of developing effective food apps. Code Inspiration software development and consulting agency is among them. By developing such an app, you will be able to empower your restaurant delivery team with a powerful tool making your services maximum available online. Contact us for free quotes and get the best software development support ever.

Food delivery app features

  • Getting started: searching

Once customers open the app, they will need to look what and where they could order foods. In this way, the following app functionality makes sense: 1) looking for near-located cafes, restaurants, trattorias, etc. 2) finding the necessary information on the menu, special offers and customers’ reviews. Going a contrario, if a user uses your app to make an order but not from a specific restaurant. That’s why you also have to offer your customers an option to search the food itself and then provide them with all possible restaurants that can provide them with that dish.

  • When order-making starts

The dish is chosen, it’s time to make an order! To make the app as convenient and convertible to an order as it is possible, place the button of adding food to the cart in the thumb-friendly zone. Don’t forget to also add the page that summarizes the order. If something was chosen wrong, a customer will need this “check” page either to correct his/her order or cancel.

We hope you’ll find this article useful and it will help you to avoid many common mistakes in food and delivery apps development.

  • It’s time to pay

Sounds banal, still, the organization of the payment process is a must. The most relevant advice here could be “make it secure and easy”. It may also be a good idea to discuss the possibility of the paying option in cash.

  • Ratings and reviews

To make it possible for your customers to mark your restaurant as a top-rated, give them the possibility to leave a review on their ordering experience with the needed functionality. Even if you have chosen to start with an MVP, it is possible to integrate a simple 5-stars solution, and add comments and extended feedback for future iterations.

Learn from Code Inspiration’s success story

Having developed several food delivery software projects, we have gained the valuable experience to support you with the top-notch consultancy services. Just have a look at our portfolio.

The article is a part of Code Inspiration’s software development outsourcing Knowledge Base.