Code Inspiration company has successfully helped many startups to reach release stage. Understanding the startups’ launch procedure, requirements for obtaining investment, most common pitfalls and problems startups face, Code Inspiration keeps everything in mind right from the beginning of the project. Startups in cooperation with Code Inspiration have successfully passed code reviews required prior to getting investments. Code Inspiration offers flexible working models for startups. Working according to Agile methodology, you will get deliverables every 3 weeks. Before the start of software development for your startup, the elaboration of a software development strategy will take place. The software development strategy will be streamlined with an overall product development. This approach to software development for startups has proven its worth over the years and helped multiple startups to get prototype, MVP, release version and ready product.

Code Inspiration’s success story

Founders of an early-stage startup from the US requested MVP development for a trading mobile application. Their idea was to make options and stock trading available to a broad audience.
Code Inpsiration team developed a requested MVP: a cross-platform mobile app. The release of the MVP was successful. Founders managed to validate the idea. They also began to form a base of users. What’s more, while Code Inspiration team was developing an app, founders were focusing on business aspects of the project. They managed to raise investments after the release of the MVP and now are in process of beating main competitors.

Code Inspiration’s services for startups

To make it market- oriented

We’ll select the right software development strategy streamlined with a business one.

To make it beatiful

Good design is able to sell your products and services. Will make a thoughtful, unique, user-oriented design.

Need a demo?

Need to pitch your product to experts or potential investors, but not able to spend much on software development? - Let’s create a demo version!

Need an MVP?

Startup ideas and hypothesis are to be tested. Let’s define MVP’s frameworks for your given startup and create it!

Product release

MVP was successful? - Let’s have a look what features we can add to lead the product to the market!


The release is only the beginning. Growing user base, new features and many many more. Let's stand together to get it done!

Why Code Inspiration

Code Inspiration team is ready to assist in your startup development no matter what stage you are at, be it idea validation, entering the market, scaling stage. Developing software for startups, we do our best to create and apply elegant, success-oriented solutions. Ordering software development services for the startup, founders can focus fully on business and marketing activities of their startup, understanding that software will be ready in full and on time. While we are developing, founders can find investors, cooperate with experts, carry out customer development and so on. Working with us on software development for a startup, you get:

Enough talk!

A startup is all about actions. Let's start acting now!