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Dear Readers, as you may probably know, we often write articles about startups and product management. The articles cover various startup aspects: MVP development for a startup, product management tips, various startup success stories and other. One of the topics we are proud of is articles where we elaborate startup ideas. In such articles we take some startup idea and carry out simple desk research: define MVP frameworks, target audience, monetization model, ways of idea validation, ways of hypothesis validation and other aspects of a startup idea. 

Authors of articles about startups

  • Most of the articles are written by Artur Prokopchyk – business development manager at Code Inspiration. Artur develops a local food tech startup and is a mentor for startup founders-newcomers.
  • Some articles were also written by Yulia Koroleva – CBDO at Code Inspiration. By the way, thanks to her expertise Yulia was invited to a closed community – Forbes Business Development Council

Startup articles

So, what we have written about startups:

  1. Growth Hacking Strategies – carried out a research and interviewed more than 100 business professionals who share more than 50 growth hacks.
  2. 9 Tips to Prepare Better for Pitching Your Project or Startup – some tips to make your pitch better. 
  3. Amazon’s Product Development strategy – Amazon’s product development strategy is about creating 4 documents. Founders can also apply it for their startups!
  4. Failed Startups: Why to Learn their Stories – Everyone is talking about startups success stories. But are failed startup stories worth learning? – Definitely yes. In the article we explain why.
  5. Lean startup – formula to success or way to failure – Lean startup methodology is commonly applied nowadays. Here we define some negative aspects of the Lean startup approach. 
  6. Mobile app development checklist for startups – For a mobile app startup to be successful in such a competitive environment, it needs to be user-friendly, productive and fulfilling real user solutions. Mobile app development requires a lot of precision and a team of professionals. This article will discuss some of the most common but dangerous mistakes that startups should avoid in their mobile app development.
  7. 10 Useful Tips for Successful Product Development – one more article with a set of tips to make your project or startup better.
  8. Only 1 out of 600 Startups Is Truly Successful – The commonly known statistics is that every 1 of 10 startups is successful. But if we have a look at all the stages of startup development, we will see that numbers vary. Let’s see!
  9. Product Management and Product Promotion Tips – and again the article with some more tips for startups.
  10. Can I repeat Famous businesses and startups success stories? – Here we describe an interesting case. Imaging your learned Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB or any other startup’s success story. Then you go back in time and try to launch some startup on your own. So in the article we explain why you most likely well fail, even having all the knowledge. 
  11. Startup Idea: Aggregator of Startups with Automated Investment Feasibility Assessment – Part 1. – Startup idea analysis. This one about the possible creation of an aggregator website with some AI features that predicts a startup’s success. Or failure. 
  12. Startup Idea: Aggregator of Startups with Automated Investment Feasibility Assessment — Part 2. 
  13. E-Government solutions development outsourcing – Startup idea analysis. What about creating a company or an international organization that will offer E-Government services development outsourcing? – Carrying out simple desk research in the article. 
  14. Startup Idea: Failed Startup Stories Website – In some article we explained that failed startup stories are worth studying. And what about building a startup on the basis of this idea? Probably, this is the most valuable startup idea among all we wrote about. 
  15. Startup idea: Mobile application for Schoolers and Students – Startup idea analysis. What about creating an app using which a pupil can get some stationary if forgot some? Probably this startup idea is not worth realizing and in the article we explain why. 
  16. Telegram success story: 1 important lesson any founder should learn – Telegram is an extremely popular messenger that managed to beat many competitors. What is its success story? – Let’s have a look!
  17. The Best Model of Work for Startups: Fixed Price or Time and Material? – Founders often order software development services so that they can fully focus on marketing, networking, fundraising and other aspects of startup development. In the article we explain the pros and cons of 2 software development working models for startups.
  18. TikTok Success: A Lesson any founder should learn – TikTok mobile app is used actively because it offers short but engaging video content that matches users’ interests. This is the core mechanics of the application. Probably, there is a new direction any startup founder should keep in mind. No matter what the startup idea is, a user expects to get value in a second, and probably by means of engaging content. Looks like the “tiktokerization” startup trend is replacing the “uberization” one. 
  19. What is TikTok And Why Is It So Popular? – Explaining several aspects why TikTok mobile app has become so popular. Every founder should keep these aspects in mind when building a startup. 
  20. 5 Reasons Why Do You Need MVP – MVP in startup development refers to Minimum Viable Product. This is a version of a product with limited functionality, but still able to a customer(s). Founders use MVP to test hypotheses and validate ideas without spending too much on software development. 
  21. What’s Wrong With TikTok? – Just personal experience of using TikTok. Probably it is better to create content in TikTok, promoting yourself or your business in TikTok instead of being a simple content consumer. 
  22. Why Good Projects Fail on the Market? – Thoughts why many projects with great ideas behind fail on the market and don’t reach the goal and rapid-results, in spite of all the initiative and efforts of their team members.

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