Digital transformation to E-government

Dear Readers, digital transformation and E-Government is among the main topics of our blog. We are of the opinion that sooner or later the whole world will be digital: there will be a single world global E-Government system. There will be no process or any daily life aspect remaining non-digital.Digital transformation articles. an illustrative image showing people using E-government services

The term of digital transformation is used in 2 niches:

  • corporate” digital transformation;
  • state digital transformation.

Digital transformation meaning

  • Corporate digital transformation means, in general, transfer of a companies business process to digital, making it easier to manage resources, make plans, see real-time analytics and so on. Going digital means also that the company, understanding that data is an asset, does its best to collect, store, process, protect, improve digital data as a business priority.
  • State digital transformation means transfer to E-Government and the process when state authorities develop digital services for citizens. For instance, web state service to register business online, pay taxes online via personal dashboard in digital tax authority service and so on.

In today’s post we would like to propose a selection of our articles about global digital transformation and E-government. Here we covered many aspects, starting from the history of digital transformation and finishing with predictions and analytics on digital transformation. We described what is digital culture and its influence on digital transformation to E-Government. We touched partially digital transformation in Russia and China, described our vision of what digital transformation in Belarus or in any other country should start with. One of the article is dedicated to analysis of possible outsourcing development of ready-to-go e-government solutions. One more is about necessity to create a single world global e-government system instead of a system for each country.Digital transformation articles. A man using E-government services on a tabletBasically, we have collected all the articles on digital transformation right here and will be glad if you find something useful regarding digital transformation.

Digital transformation articles

So, what we have written about digital transformation and E-Government:

  1. Digital Transformation To E-Government
  2. Digital Transformation to E-Government: Negative Aspects
  3. What is Digital Culture?
  4. 5 Reasons Why E-Government Services Development Is Slow
  5. A single world E-Government service – fantasy or reality?
  6. About Some Aspects of E-Voting
  7. Can Global Information System Benefit to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  8. Digital award of pension service as a part of an E-Government system development
  9. Disadvantages of the Current Public Administration System, which Digital Transformation to E-Government Will Fix
  10. How Digital Transformation to E-Government Will Change Hiring Process
  11. Startup idea: GaaS Solutions Development Outsourcing
  12. The Future of Data Exchange
  13. State Super Application – Benefits and Threats
  14. What E-Government System Development in Belarus Should Start With. And Why Won’t It Be Done
  15. Why Is There an Urgent Need For E-Government Systems
  16. Why Vladimir Putin’s “direct line” public Q&A session doesn’t work?
  17. 2 Myths About Digital Breakthroughs
  18. Digital healthcare system as a part of E-Government services
  19. Why exactly the government and not each institution separately should be engaged in digitization?
  20. BONUS article about the endgame of E-Government services development: One More Level of E-Government Development Everyone Forgot About

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